Custom Application

If we sell it, we can apply it, and we have the equipment that fits your operation. For liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, we have sprayers ranging from Dodge Power Wagon pickup-mounted sprayers to our newest Hagie with a 90-foot boom. For dry products, we have smaller trucks to spread lime all the way up to a new TerraGator® with a multiplier bed that can spread variable rates of two products at once.

Recent News

Why Control of Volunteer Wheat is Critical to Protecting Next Season’s Yields

Did you know you can lose two wheat crops from one hail storm? It could be yours or your neighbor’s. The first loss is the current wheat crop being hailed. The second loss is from the disease Wheat Streak Mosaic. One example was when the volunteer wheat from one neighbor’s hailed winter wheat crop served […]

July 1 Critical Date for Ranchers Experiencing Drought

The majority of North Dakota has experienced a precipitation deficit this growing season, with much of the western and central portion of the state receiving less than 50% of normal precipitation and some areas receiving only 20% to 30% of normal since April 1. The current U.S. Drought Monitor reflects these conditions, with approximately 27% […]

Declines in 2020 Corn and Soybeans Harvest-time Futures Contracts in Perspective

On June 29, the settlement prices were $3.35 per bushel for the December corn contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and $8.61 per bushel on the November CME soybean contract.  These settlement prices suggest harvest-time prices near mid-2000 levels, much lower than what has been experienced in most recent years, particularly before 2018, when […]

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