AgriPartner Scouting Update 8/5/2014

The scouting season is winding down as corn, for the most part, has pollinated.  Insect and disease pressure can continue, but corn is now past label for treatment.  If in the next month or so you’re wondering how the season will turn out here are the steps to estimate yield.  

First measure out the distance of row that equals 1/1000th of an acre (in 30 inch rows, that’s 17’5″).  Then count the number of harvest-able ears in that distance.  Pull every 5th ear.

Here is how the sample is shaping up.  Counting double ears there were 34 ears.  Not counting second ears on one stalk, there were 30 ears (you’ll see why it’s important to note this in a bit!).  So seven ears:

Husk the ears … 

uh oh, our double ear is actually NOT harvest-able … so take that one out and use the “30” number of ears in the formula.

Now the sample has six ears.  Count the number of rows of kernels around the cob.  I always mark the kernel I start with with a pencil mark


Also note, unless kernels aborted, there is always an even number of rows around the cob.  Write these numbers down and take the average. (16+16+18+18+16+14)/6=16.3

Next, count the average number of pollinated kernels per row.  Write these numbers down and take the average.  (37+33+30+31+36+39)/6=34.3

Okay, still got your calculator, right?  Take the number of harvest-able ears*the average number of rows*the average number of kernels per row and divide by 90.  

30*16.3*34.3/90=186 bushels per acre!  How about that!

Also of note, many of these stalks were goose-necked.  Interesting that yield seems to be holding its own despite the damage and stress.  As long as moisture continues to come in a timely manner (the field is not irrigated), it should finish strong.

Now there is still a lot that needs to happen between now and harvest, but it’s interesting to see how things are shaping up.

In beans continue to look for aphids and if beans are dry scout for spider mites if the leaves look dry.  

Thanks for scouting with us!


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