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Late Summer Establishment of Perennial Forages

The month of August provides the second window of opportunity for establishing perennial forage stands this year. The primary risk with late summer forage seedings is having sufficient moisture for seed germination and plant establishment, which is a significant risk this summer given the low soil moisture status across many areas. The decision to plant […]

Scout Now for Corn Rootworm Beetles to Assess Potential Risk of Future Damage

Western corn rootworm beetles began emerging in late June-early July in southeastern and south central Nebraska. Beetle emergence will be somewhat later in northeastern and western Nebraska. These beetles can cause potential injury from silk clipping. During mid-July and August these beetles will lay eggs in corn fields. These eggs overwinter in the soil, hatch into […]

Revisiting Corn Use for Ethanol

Stronger export numbers and lower acreage boosted corn prices since the end of June.  Concerns about demand weakness in ethanol production emerged recently.  A recovery in economic activity helped ethanol plants ramp up production as gasoline demand increased.  A resurgence in virus incidences threatens ethanol production over the short run and injects uncertainty into long-run […]

Annual Cover Crops an Additional Forage Source

As a result of a challenging fall harvest and a considerable precipitation deficit across much of North Dakota, ranchers are considering options to increase their forage supply. “Recent precipitation in portions of North Dakota impacted by drought may make annual forages and cover crops viable forage options for hay production or grazing,” says Miranda Meehan, […]

Recent Rains and What to Look for in Soybeans and Corn

Last week I gave an update on the diseases we are starting to see in parts of Illinois corn.  We have had a few decent rain events, the most recent yesterday, which have dropped temperatures somewhat and increased humidity throughout parts of the state.  I expect we will start to see some diseases pop up […]

Recent News

Evaluating Alfalfa Stands Part II – Renovation Options

Renovation Options and Considerations Thin stands that need renovated have a few options to consider. Typically, alfalfa’s autotoxicity makes planting into established stands impossible. However, in new stands that are less than 12 months old, there is a chance that reseeding alfalfa in areas that are extremely thin or void of alfalfa may see success. […]

Ethanol Production Profits During the COVID Pandemic

It is widely acknowledged that the U.S. ethanol industry has been negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic.  The plight of ethanol producers has prompted calls for financial relief from the Federal government (Neeley, 2020a).  The latest aid package for the economy passed by the U.S. Senate, the Heals Act, provides $20 billion in additional support […]

Late-Season Waterhemp-the Goal is Stopping Seed

In our windshield scouting of soybeans this year we have seen a lot of weedfree fields.  This makes sense given the shift toward Xtend, LibertyLink, LLGT27, and Enlist soybeans over the past several years, which provides us with effective POST options for our major weed problems – common and giant ragweed, marestail, and waterhemp (now […]

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