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Integrating Two Types of Crop Models to Predict the Effect of Climate Change on Crop Yields

Scientists now have a new tool to predict the future effects of climate change on crop yields.

Do Big Yields Mean Big Money?

Do you believe the highest yields return the greatest profit?

Crop and Livestock Price Prospects for 2018

Significant changes to trade policy could mitigate some of the demand growth in export markets.

Viability of Lentil, Wheat Rotation Studied

Winter lentils may be just what the doctor ordered to perk up the Rolling Plains wheat crop.

Weed Spotting by Drone Moving Toward Practicality

Drones are being used to identify glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Recent News

Potential for a Post-Harvest Corn Price Rally

Central Illinois corn prices climbed to the mid-$3.80 range last week with some locations offering above $4 for fall delivery.  While December futures prices struggle to break through $4, the potential for a smaller crop holds the promise of a price rally despite weak demand.  A strong rally depends on the ability of supply issues […]

Forage Hazards Following a Freeze Event

Freezing temperatures are on their way for most of Nebraska. These freezing temperatures will play a key role in determining what can be grazed or hayed safely for your livestock. With many of Nebraska’s acres in cover crop mixtures due to prevented planting, taking a quick check before grazing or using them is key. These mixes may […]

Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Marestail in Fall

Abundant rain the last couple of months in much of eastern Nebraska has promoted the relatively early emergence of winter annual weeds, particularly marestail (Figure 1). Marestail, also known as horseweed in the eastern Corn Belt and as Canada fleabane in eastern Canada, is a winter or summer annual weed in Nebraska. Historically, marestail was […]

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