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Another Wrinkle in the RFS

2017 has been a busy year for the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Now is the Time to Plan for Spreading Manure in the Winter

There are five points to consider before you spread manure this winter.

Acreage Prospects for 2018

Current market conditions appear to support moderate soybean and corn acreage expansion in 2018.

Corn Genetics Research Exposes Mechanism Behind Traits Becoming Silent

A team of researchers recently unveiled a previously unknown mechanism that triggers gene silencing in corn.

Soybean Export Prospects for 2017-18

The recent level of soybean exports from the United States trails last year’s pace.

Recent News

Projected Yield and Revenue Changes from 2018 to 2019 for Corn and Soybeans in the Midwest States

Crop revenue changes from 2018 to 2019 will vary across Midwest states for both corn and soybeans. State in the eastern corn-belt — Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio — likely will have revenue declines because of yield decreases. Western corn-belt states are not projected to have large yield declines. Possibly, price increases could offset yield decreases […]

Progress on Phase One Trade Deal with China, Questions on Ag Purchases Remain

Reuters writer Dominique Patton reported last week that, “China is still a long way from forking out $50 billion for farm goods from the United States, agriculture industry analysts said on [Oct. 14th], cautioning that getting there is contingent on removing substantial technical and political hurdles.” The Reuters article noted that, “But Darin Friedrichs, senior Asia commodity analyst at […]

Potential for a Post-Harvest Corn Price Rally

Central Illinois corn prices climbed to the mid-$3.80 range last week with some locations offering above $4 for fall delivery.  While December futures prices struggle to break through $4, the potential for a smaller crop holds the promise of a price rally despite weak demand.  A strong rally depends on the ability of supply issues […]

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