Custom Application

If we sell it, we can apply it, and we have the equipment that fits your operation. For liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, we have sprayers ranging from Dodge Power Wagon pickup-mounted sprayers to our newest Hagie with a 90-foot boom. For dry products, we have smaller trucks to spread lime all the way up to a new TerraGatorĀ® with a multiplier bed that can spread variable rates of two products at once.

Recent News

Prevented Planting Provides Opportunity for Livestock Forage

Challenging harvest conditions in the fall of 2019 in combination with excess moisture and cool temperatures this spring have inhibited spring planting, resulting in above normal acres of prevented planting. In addition, many livestock producers in the region are short on forage due to harvest challenges in 2019 and delayed pasture readiness this spring. Also, […]

True Armyworm Infestations

We received many reports of true armyworm infestations in wheat, barley, and corn. These are black or green caterpillars with stripes along the side and orange heads.  In the spring, true armyworm moths migrate from the south and lay eggs in grasses such as forage and weed grasses, winter wheat and barley, and rye cover […]

Expected Harvest Prices for Corn in 2020

We developed a statistical model that projects the 2020 harvest price for corn, given a national corn yield and average of May futures prices. The harvest price is used in crop insurance.  The current U.S. yield estimate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is 178.5 bushels per acre. Given this yield estimate and average […]

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