Custom Application

If we sell it, we can apply it, and we have the equipment that fits your operation. For liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, we have sprayers ranging from Dodge Power Wagon pickup-mounted sprayers to our newest Hagie with a 90-foot boom. For dry products, we have smaller trucks to spread lime all the way up to a new TerraGatorĀ® with a multiplier bed that can spread variable rates of two products at once.

Recent News

Winterize Precision Ag Technology and Backup Data

After this season, you may be tempted to park your equipment in the shed and take a much needed winter break.

The Difficulty of Legally Applying Dicamba

Labels for the dicamba products approved for use on Xtend soybeans are now generally more restrictive.

A Historical Look at Dicamba Herbicide

A presentation on the historical perspective of dicamba and the issues with dicamba.

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